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Enrich Your Students' Musical Journey

Community Based Musical Organizations can significantly enrich a learner's musical journey. Why?

  • Technique learned in one-on-one lessons is reinforced through group playing. Learners can better understand the reason for having learned the technique allowing them to be more engaged and motivated to further their technique and musicianship.

  • A musical group environment introduces learners to new musical skills including balance, intonation, rhythm and performance etiquette in a group setting.

  • By performing in a community ensemble, learners develop socialization skills with like-minded individuals and through relationship building are drawn deeper into the musical experience.

  • Community ensembles create an awareness of the vast musical opportunities through exposure to differing instruments, sections and venues.

  • By participating and playing in a community group learners are more motivated to improve his or her skills often resulting in longer term commitments to and higher levels of achievement in their private lessons.

  • Learners who engage in private lessons and community-based ensembles traditionally learn faster and are able to contribute more to their other musical engagements (e.g. school bands).

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