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Call for Partnership!

Music4Life String Orchestra is a not-for-profit, community string orchestra in Ajax, Ontario. Each spring the orchestra partners with a charitable organization in the Durham Region on a joint-benefit concert and splits proceeds from the concert with the partner charity.

Music4Life is looking to partner with a local, charitable group for its Spring 2020 concert. We invite local charities to submit proposal for partnership for our upcoming concert. Our concert date and venue will be determined based on our partner selection, however, concert dates will fall within late April/early May time frame.

Music4Life looks to partner with organizations that;

  1. Support science, education, disease research, mental health, arts and/or areas of diversity;

  2. Are well-established and active in the Durham Region;

  3. Have no political or faith-based affiliation;

  4. Are willing to partner on event sales, marketing, coordination and execution

Partners can submit their proposals to Music4Life String Orchestra in accordance with the Submission Instructions detailed below. We look forward to a musical partnership with you!

Submission Instructions

  1. The deadline for submission is Friday October 25th. Organizations should advise Music4Life via email of their intent to submit a proposal by Friday October 18th.

  2. Submissions must include the following sections:

  3. Organization details including:

  4. Organization name and business address

  5. Charitable registration number

  6. Name, email address, phone, and title of key contact at the organization for the proposal

  7. Year Established

  8. # of staff in the organization (volunteer, part-time, full-time)

  9. Website address

  10. Signature – name, title and signature of authorized individual that has signing authority for the organization

  11. Organization’s core business and objectives – help us understand your charity and its primary objectives.

  12. Partnership Proposal – help us understand how your organization can partner with us for our spring concert and how your organization can optimize the proceeds raised through the concert event.

  13. Concert Benefit – help us understand how the proceeds directed to your charity will be applied and how it will help you reach your goals.

  14. Proposals must not exceed one side of a single 8.5 x 11 page

  15. Organizations must not have a political or religious affiliation.

  16. Proposals must be submitted via email to by Friday October 25th at 5pm EST.

About Music4Life String Orchestra

We are a non-profit, amateur community string ensemble in Ajax, Ontario. As a learning ensemble, our objective is to provide a friendly and welcoming forum for string musicians, of all ages and skill levels, to learn, play and perform together. Our ensemble provides a unique experience for amateur players such that they are able to play and perform along-side skilled music teachers and professionals who are also part of the practicing and performing group. This arrangement provides an excellent learning environment for new players and is a true complement to traditional private lessons.

Through this fun and encouraging ensemble, members gain performance experience by sharing our musical creations with our families, friends and our community at large. Our more advanced players are featured in quartet/quintet performances for community organizations and private events which help fund our operations.

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